The Great Cyprus Gold Raid – Banksters to Steal 10 Tons!

The Never-Ending Story of the Destruction of a Modern State


EU Banksters to Steal 10 tons of Cyprus Gold in Government Vaults


Double-Whammy to Hit Cyprus, Gold Investors, as International Banksters Drive Down Price of Gold on Spot Markets to Get More of Cypriot Gold

The never-ending story of the destruction of  a modern State continues as the millions of people in the affected areas watch helpless while the financial vultures devour their countries and dump them into a pit of poverty.

The latest outrage in this drama is now taking place in the government vaults in Cyprus, where the EU banksters have demanded Cyprus transfer 10 tons of gold to them in order to receive “loans” to re-capitalize their banks.  This raid on the gold vaults will bankrupt the government of Cyprus, leaving them a mere 3 tons of gold left to “back” their currency.  And even this may vanish into the vaults of the EU, as the estimated value of 400 million euros of the gold is now dropping daily as the big international banksters are at the same time trying to drive down the price of gold on the spot market.

As of 15 April, 2013, gold has been driven down to $1378.00 U.S. per ounce, a huge 12 percent slide since just 11 April.  The big banksters, spreading fear and propaganda around the world, are causing a “panic sell-off” on gold.  Hedge funds and big investors dumping gold is driving down the price, the shorts shaking out anyone long on gold, and at the same time making the gold in the vaults of the Cypriot government less valuable every day, pushing them to “hurry up and transfer the gold to us before it becomes worth less (or worthless?)”.  This is a trick as old as humanity, but the pressure on the Parliament in Cyprus is enormous, and they must be reeling under it.  The events of the last couple of months has shown that in actuality, democracy is finished in Cyprus – it is done.  The very fact that the second “offer” of the E.U. banksters was never passed by Parliament, but only signed directly by the President and the representative of the E.U. was the last nail in the coffin of democracy.  For Cyprus, it is now the rule of the banksters.

Lies Spew Forth From Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan

Meanwhile, trying to add fuel to the fire sale on gold, banks like Morgan and Goldman Sachs have revved up their propaganda machines, spreading the lie that inflation is “gone” and there is now no chance of inflation, so all you out there who own gold are stupid to hold it.  Sell it now and get into the stock market they say.

Goldman Sachs: “the retreat of gold is accelerating.”

J.P. Morgan: “inflation is moving down to around 2 percent in the second half of 2013.”

National Securities Corp. in NY: “The perception is that gold is not really needed as a safe haven. People are looking at the stock market, and they’re stunned, and there’s no inflation. So people are saying, ‘What do we need gold for?’”

Bloomberg: “The price of gold is crashing.”

This propaganda push by the big banksters will yield them a huge profit in a short term gold slide.  Morgan, pushing the line that inflation is going to bottom at 2% this year, should talk to some common folks and ask them how they have seen skyrocketing prices in food, gasoline, and rents in the last couple of years. Ooooops!  We don’t count that, say the banksters.  Yeah, the things that matter the most to common folks, aren’t even counted in their phoney statistics.  Meanwhile, Morgan has piled up trillions of dollars of derivatives obligations, and the U.S. Fed and the E.U. have pumped up trillions of dollars and euros in their “quantitative easing” schemes, meaning they have massively inflated the money supply by “creating” and printing it, backed by nothing but hot air.

This may be the biggest gold heist in history, since the post-WW 2 theft of the gold and treasures of the Pacific Basin countries by the U.S. and the Vatican, secretly taking the gold from the caves in the Philippines where the Japanese Imperial forces had hidden it.  That gold was used mainly by the U.S. C.I.A. in black operations and to prop up the post-war Japanese government.  (see “Gold Warriors” by the Seagraves for details).



Collapse of the E.U. Beginning?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Warns of Chain-Reaction Collapse of the E.U. and Hyper-Inflation.  Run On E.U. Banks May Be Next as UK Pensioners Told To Pull Their Funds From E.U. Banks as Currency Controls Loom.

Helga_Zepp-LaRouche_Axis_for_Peace_2005-11-17Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in an Emergency International Webcast warned that the crisis in Cyprus is threatening to unravel the entire European Union.  She also considers the possibility that this crisis is being created to lead Europe into a “Political Dictatorship” by collapsing the Euro and forcing the people of the European nations into a dictatorship.  The present “bank robbery” of the accounts of the average citizens who are asked to take a so-called “hair cut”, meaning that the Central Bank wants to steal 6.75% of their bank funds, is really nothing more than one of the largest bank robberies in history, committed by the European Central Bank and their plutocratic owners. Even more money would be stolen from larger accounts over $100,000.  These would be hit with almost 10%.

It is interesting to note that Cyprus is a place where many grey area depositors have money stashed.  Rumors abound that both the Russian and Israeli mobs have millions in bank deposits there.  It is also rumored that various mafias from the Middle East, Lebanon, Palestine, and France use Cypriot banks.  Are these folks going to stand for a “shakedown” by the even bigger mafia – the European Central Bank – Rothschild Axis?  Or will there be hell to pay for this act?  The Russian, Israeli, Lebanese, and other mobs could easily begin a “pay back” for this treachery.  If you see the strangled bodies of E.U. bankers floating down the Seine, you will know that the biggest mob war in modern history has  begun.

In addition, any “currency controls”, meaning that depositors will be limited in their ability to withdraw the full amount of funds from their own accounts, will also trigger a complete loss of faith in the E.U. banking system.  Indeed, it may already be too late to stem the loss of faith in the system.  According to Zepp-LaRouche, the British government has warned its citizens living overseas in European countries to withdraw their pension funds since looming currency controls, bank closures, and bank “holidays” may limit their access to their own funds needed to pay rent, eat, and otherwise survive.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche also warns these arrogant  bankers that any planned dictatorship in the European Union is doomed to failure.  Millions of people are not going to stand for it.  Click on the link below to hear the complete web cast:

Click here to see Helga Zepp-LaRouche