More Americans opting out of banking system

By Danielle Douglas, Published: September 12

In the aftermath of one of the worst recessions in history, more Americans have limited or no interaction with banks, instead relying on check cashers and payday lenders to manage their finances, according to a new federal report.
Not only are these Americans more vulnerable to high fees and interest rates, but they are also cut off from credit to buy a car or a home or pay for college, the report from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said.

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One thought on “More Americans opting out of banking system

  1. It only makes complete sense to opt out of the corrupt and bloodsucking conventional banking system. You don’t have to tolerate the excessive fees and snooty tellers from those elitist parasites. All you do to assert control over your own destiny is simply take your money out of their stodgy old bank and deposit it in a local credit union. Do something good for yourself and the planetary economy.

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