Money Is Worthless To You… If You Are Dead!


Say you had all the money you ever dreamed of in your bank account.  It won’t make a bit of difference to you if you are dead!  And today the average person faces a lot of challenges just to stay alive.  One of the biggest issues of the day is your health.  We are bombarded with chemicals, poisons, aerial spraying (chemtrails), air pollution and now Genetically Modified Foods (GMO).  These GMO products are not proven safe for humans, in fact my advice is don’t eat this crap, stick to fresh, natural products.

The trouble is, the big chemical companies who want to patent and control the majority of the world’s food supply, do not want you to know which foods have genetically modified products and organisms.  Because they know that most people will not eat them, not buy their products, and ruin their profits and their grand conspiracy to control the food supply.  That is why YOU MUST VOTE YES ON PROP 37 IN CALIFORNIA.  It is not perfect, but it is a start to reigning in these corporate conspirators who want to make billions of dollars at the expense of humans and animals.  If you want to get a lot of great information on this issue please go to this website: