Seize The Banks!

The Myth of Democracy and the Rule of the Banks

A talk by Richard Becker from the PSLIn this video presentation filmed by Support Credit  Mr. Richard Becker discusses his new pamphlet on the Rule of the Banks. He outlines the entire situation of the 2008 financial collapse, how it was caused, the billions in bailout money given to these banks and the trillions more in “guarantees”.  So what happened to all that money?  Why are we still mired in unemployment and poverty?  Mr. Becker exposes the criminal activities of these banks, like Wachovia laundering 378 billion dollars for the Mexican drug cartels, the banks foreclosing on millions of homeowners while they have packaged their mortgages into derivative bundles and made billions of dollars on this huge real estate scam.  Mr. Becker follows the money and exposes the greed of the government supported capitalist system wreaking havoc on the people.

Click to Watch Video Now.  (Continue watching after end titles to see the great “Occupy” music video.)

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