New Book Recommends Credit Union

A new book, written chapter by chapter and posted in recommends folks pull their money out of the big banks and put it in Credit Unions. The book is called “Gypsies of the New Millennium” and is being serialized on the, a website that is dedicated to people who are forced to live in their vehicles or RVs. More and more people and families are being foreclosed and have nowhere to live, creating a huge “underclass” who have been slammed by the criminal antics of the big banks. Credit Unions, on the other hand, are much safer and controlled by the local community. Very few of them got suckered in the Derivatives game

The book is here:

One thought on “New Book Recommends Credit Union

  1. Credit unions are absolutely the way to go. The Big Banks don’t deserve to even lick our shoes with their snooty tellers and accounts that pay hardly any interest. Let them implode. Good riddance. So go and yank all your money out NOW. I did.

    Great book, Skip. Lots of useful info. A good read even if you aren’t homeless.

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