Domain Name Games Part 3 Just Published

Part 3 of Domain Name Games has now been published.  Go to Domain Name Games on the Main Menu bar, and select Part 3.

Or click here:

The California Credit Union Domain Story Unfolds Into The Internet Void.

Once again a major Credit Union has failed to secure its name and all aspects of the name, suffering among other things, an invisible assault by the Internet Buccaneers. High weirdness as the trail of the Internet Buccaneers leads to the Hermit Kingdom.

The Internet Buccaneers Discover California Credit Union – Strange Connections Revealed – LATU Names Grabbed Up – More Names Go South and East – The Strange Case of the Reverse Hijacking – The View From the 16th Floor Must Be Exhilarating – The Four Clues – The Vanished Galleons of the Internet Buccaneers – Should Credit Unions Read The The Good Book?

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