A Tale of Two Countries on a Business Card

Since 1955 The U.S. Dollar Has Dropped About 66% Against the Japanese Yen – Yet U.S. Politicians Claim No Inflation


This card was given out to American Tourists in 1955.  The reverse side of the card has the official yen – dollar exchange rate.


Notice 400 yen is about $1.11.  Today, the exchange rate to get $1.11 would be only 133 yen!  Don’t believe Washington’s hype about “The Strong Dollar.”  The U.S. is the worst debtor nation in history, printing fiat money to prop up the insolvent Banks.

“Obama Dollar” Now Worth $50!

“Obama Dollar” Hits Record of $50!

"Obama Dollar" is now worth $50 - Read this post to find out why.

How could it be?  Those gag gifts (pun) for fiat money lovers, those worthless Obama joke “dollars”, how in the world could one of those be worth fifty bucks?  Look closely at the photo, folks.  See the writing in the space next to Obama’s portrait?  It’s the signature of Max Keiser.  I got him to sign the Obama-scrunge bill as a joke, and I’m pleased to tell you, one and all, that I have been offered $50 for it!  Maybe Max should print some of these up with his picture on the front, or better yet, put Stacey Herbert ‘s pix up there.  I would like to have one of these Obama dollars signed by Obama, Bernanke, and Geitner.  I’ll bet it would bring at least $200.  The Three Musketeers of Financial Doom.

Uncle Paulie